Act One, Scene One

The house lights dim, the curtain goes up, and a new blogger steps onto the stage of public opinion. Who is he? What will he say? Will it impact the reader? He looks around, unable to see past the footlights. How big is the audience? Is anyone there at all? The question is irrelevant for the time has come, and he begins to speak…


Okay, enough drama. This is a blog, not Masterpiece Theater. Let me introduce myself:

I’m Robert Pridgen, better known as TheGravedigger on Twitter, Lumberjocks, and I started amateur woodworking in 1982, and have progressed in fits and jumps since then. Along the way, I have explored many different woodworking disciplines, with a strong suit in woodturning.

It occurred to me that there were many woodworkers out there, both beginner and advanced, that were looking for answers to questions. This is nothing new, but now the answers are easier to find.

When I began woodworking 28 years ago, information resources were few and far between. The World Wide Web hadn’t been invented, personal computers were a novelty, and woodworking magazines were almost nonexistent. The primary source of information was textbook-style books that were geared towards commercial applications.

How things have changed!  Formal references have exploded, providing information on any subject imageneable. Magazines, videos, and searchable databases can put limitless information literally at your fingertips.

All this notwithstanding, we all still have questions. Woodworking is a highly individualized craft, and no one answer serves to satisfy all.  There are as many variations on the theme as there are woodworkers.  This is where blogs like this one come in.

My intention is not to create a how-to blog – others already fulfill that role. The plan to focus on the processes of woodworking – both creative and procedural, as well as giving insights into my own thought processes and approach to the craft. Additionally, there will be occasional forays into various side streets and alleys of thought that may only be marginally related to woodworking.  That’s not to say that there won’t be the odd technique, jig, or tool review, these just won’t be the primary objective.

However, since this blog is for you, your input will help to determine its ultimate direction. Your comments will help guide me, and I look forward to hearing from each of you, positively or negatively. Let me know what you think.

Time to get busy.


3 responses to “Act One, Scene One

  1. You know the thing I like most about woodworking blogs is when the author just writes about what is happening in their shop. It makes your job easy because you don’t have to “come up” with any, just narrate what happened. It is the little tips and insights into how another tackles this highly variable art that fascinates me. It also keeps you building so you have stuff to write about! Welcome to the blogosphere and nice entrance.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Shannon. The comments from the last Wood Talk Online about blogging are still fresh in mind. Plenty of people are much more qualified than I to provide the framework of technique. My part (I believe) is to provide a little texture to that based on my own experiences (and especially my screw-ups).

  2. You have started a wonderful blog. Let me see how best I can participate and make best out of it. Your writing style is supurb.

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