Upcoming Projects

Ah! The summer’s coming to an end, The soybeans are ripening, the cotton trucks are charging back and forth leaving little cotton drifts at the roadside, and first hints of cool breeze have begun to make their presence felt. For a Mississippi woodworker this means just one thing: I can finally work in the shop without leaving sweat stains all over my brand new tablesaw!

Most of the summer was taken up with making a couple of greenwood projects and the shoecase, but now it’s time to get back to indoor woodworking again. The best place to start is with a list of my upcoming projects:

  1. Toilet cabinet. Marc Spagnuolo and I must have identical empty spaces over our toilets, because he mentioned a similar project on a past Wood Talk Online. Mine is going to be a simple two or three-shelf design in white-painted poplar to match the rest of the bathroom. I’m sure Marc’s will be on par with the rest of his outstanding work.
  2. Stepstool. My wife need a stool to reach the upper closet rod. I’m planning to take the classic longhandled Shaker one-step and overhaul it for a more interesting look and improved usability.
  3. Charging Station.  Like most people now, we’ve got multiple devices that need a place to charge without taking up counter space and outlets.  I’m going to do a wall-mounted version for the bathroom.  However, unlike the toilet cabinet, I think I’m going to break with bathroom design and use some exotic woods on this one.
  4. Tool Cabinet.  I keep putting this one off, but I’m about to run out of room for my tools.  This one will be in two stages: a lower chest of drawers with an upper saw till/plane storage combo.  I’m not sure of my materials yet, but I tend to stick to simpler woods for the shop, and save the good stuff for elsewhere.  That way, when I experiment with my joinery, I don’t feel so bad when I screw something up.

There you have it: my list of things to do in the upcoming months.  Of course, you’ll be looking over my shoulder as I work, so feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  I can use all the help I can get!


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