Homemade Kerfmaker

Click for details: Kerfmaker, what a fun little tool

PaBull over at Lumberjocks posted his homemade version of Bridge City Tools’ Kerfmaker.  Now Bridge City makes some spectacular and innovative tools but, let’s face it, they’re pretty pricey. And, while I admire great design and beautiful machining as much as the next woodworker, I’m not going to drop $72 on a kerf jig.  It’s not that I don’t think it’s a great idea, it’s just more money than I’m willing to part with for that functionality.

Apparently, a lot of Lumberjocks echo my sentiments, because a number of them have come up with their own version of the Kerfmaker.  Some of them were wooden carbon copies of the original, built to exacting standards, others reproduced the functionality in various forms.  As a group, they are great examples of woodworkers’ ingenuity.  However, of these, PaBull’s is my favorite.  His design makes for simple construction and low cost while still allowing the jig to function as intended.  I especially like the screw in the end that allows you to calibrate the jig to your saw kerf.

Head on over to Lumberjocks and check out his jig, along with the others in the same vein.  Just click on their search button, enter “Kerfmaker”, and then select “Projects” to narrow your search.  You’ll find plenty of examples to spur your imagination.


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