Upcoming Feature: What I Screwed Up.

A new feature is coming to the Little Good Pieces blog: What I Screwed Up this Week (or month – we’ll see). The purpose of this series, besides giving you someone to point to and laugh, is to analyze things that I did wrong in the shop and find ways to correct the situation and keep it from happening again.

This will be a great chance for all of you to post comments with possible solutions or alternate ways of working that might prevent these problems from occurring. At the very least, you might get a good laugh at my stupidity. So, be watching for the first post sometime in the next week or so.


One response to “Upcoming Feature: What I Screwed Up.

  1. Sounds interesting. I remember when I first learnt to navigate with a compass out in the bush. It was not so much a matter of going from point a to b. Rather, I left a, got lost, had to find where I was, then go towards point b. Wood working is a little like that. You make a mistake, you identify it, and fix it.

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