Sauce Packet Bin – Part 2

When we left our bin, it was being overrun by a horde of shop cats (well, two anyway).  Since that time, I added three dividers placed to give four pockets of varying sizes.  The unit was then spackled, primed, and painted (yes, white).

WISU 10/12/10 2The bin, together with its pivot blocks, was worked into position. The gap was a little wider than I wanted, so I added a piece of 1/4″ plywood as a shim on the left-hand side.  This allowed just enough room for free movement of the bin without binding.  After a couple of adjustments, the plywood pivot blocks were  attached to the sides of the cabinet with screws from the outside.  This “outside” is actually the inside of adjoining cabinets, so nothing shows.

To make for a smooth surface, the pivot blocks and shim were covered with strips of 1/4″ stain-grade birch plywood (at left).  To insure a smooth surface, no brads were used.  Rather, the trim was attached with dabs of hot glue.  In hindsight, considering the tight quarters where I was working, it would probably have been better to pre-prime and paint the trim.  However, everything worked out in the end.
Spice Packet Bin - Part 2 1Spice Packet Bin - Part 2 2

And here we have the finished product, already busy carrying out its assigned task in the kitchen.  It was a simple project, but one that performs its allotted task as planned.  If it had been in the front of the cabinet rather than behind swing-out shelves, I would have designed it differently.  I would have made the piece out of solid wood, and given the top a graceful curve of some sort, or maybe even some scroll piercings for decoration.  However, in its actual location, a simple box is more than sufficient for the task.

Granted, this project doesn’t have the complexity or glamor of a Colonial secretary or a Federal demilune table, but it serves two very important functions:  it helps make the kitchen a more organized place, and it makes momma happy.

And when momma’s happy, daddy gets brownie points!


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