Leather Fetish

Leather Fetish

As strange as it may sound, this pile of scraps has turned out to be a very useful shop accessory. I was originally looking for leather to cover the jaws of my shavehorse, and stumbled on this bag of assorted scraps at a local craft store. It was a fraction of the price of sheet leather so, being the frugal sort (cheap), I took a bag home, grabbed a bottle of liquid hide glue, and got busy.

There were several larger pieces to take care of the shavehorse, and a great pile left over for other things. My next use was to make pads for my new holdfasts, followed in rapid succession by many of my other clamps. It’s also great to make scratch and skid-resistant feet for projects and to pad drawer stops for a softer “stop”.

These are just a few uses for this bag of scrap, and I’ll bet some of you have more. How about it? If any of you have suggestions for more uses for leather scraps, leave a comment below. I’m sure all of us would benefit from your ideas.


2 responses to “Leather Fetish

  1. People use scraps like that for turning too. When you are using a jam chuck, the leather is a good pad between your work and the jam chuck. You just need a paper towel between your turned object and the leather to keep color from transfering from the leather.

  2. You can also sew the pieces together in a “crazy quilt” pattern and use the resulting sheet in upholstery.

    Paul “Big Tiny” Elshoff

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