Scrub Plane Camber Calculator

In response to my recent post, “Scrub Plane on the Cheap”, I received a comment by Swirt from Timber Frame Tools. It had some great info, and I’d like to repost a portion of it here for those that may not get around to reading the comments:

“Good article Robert. I’ve been using a No5 as a scrub for a long time and it works well. To get the most out of any given scrub, the amount of curve can be optimized without too much trouble. The recommendation of 3″ radius works for the narrow blade of the No40 but is too much for the 2″wide blade of a No4 or 5. Here is a bit I put together and includes a calculator where you can enter the dimensions of a specific plane and the depth you want to achieve and it spits out the right amount of camber
The calculator is way down at the bottom.”

I was glad he brought this to my attention. I had never given a thought to optimizing camber on a scrub plane, and will give this a try. If any of the rest of you do, leave a comment here to let us know if it helps you.

While you’re over there, check out the rest of the site. He’s got lots of great info there for the hand-tool woodworker.


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