What I Screwed Up This Week – December 6, 2010

Welcome back for another edition of What I Screwed Up This Week.  This week’s snafu happened while I was cutting out the cheeks and stretcher for my Gramercy-style turning saw.

The Problem:

As I was cutting out one of the cheeks, an endgrain offcut fell off in two pieces.  This was unexpected, and I stopped to investigate.  I found that a check from the end of the hickory board extended through the end of the piece I was cutting:
Turning Saw 10

The Solution:

The only solution in a case like this, where the wood will be under tension and require no weak areas, was to discard the piece and make another one from sound wood further up the board.

Lesson Learned:

Be very careful when laying out pieces near the end of a board.  Checks from drying can easily go undetected and can quickly ruin a piece.  In some cases, they don’t appear on the surface, but cause the interior fibers to separate.  It’s always a good idea to cut off the very end of the board to expose fresh surface, which can help to reveal any checking.


2 responses to “What I Screwed Up This Week – December 6, 2010

  1. Digger,
    wouldn’t you be able to suck in some Epoxy? Marc did it once on one of his Episodes to repair a Check.

    But then again i guess it would depend on how much Stress the piece would be under and all if it would be an appropriate fix or not.


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