Poll: Handscrew Clamps – Useful or Useless?

Handscrew 1Cabinetmaker’s handscrews have been around for a long time.  For those of you unfamiliar with them, they’re those funny-looking wooden things with a long threaded handle sticking out of each side.  This design allows them to grasp objects of many different shapes with as much or little pressure as you desire.  Addidionally, you get to make that funny-looking round-and-round motion when you open or close them quickly.  Despite this, some woodworkers have no use for them.  How about you?


One response to “Poll: Handscrew Clamps – Useful or Useless?

  1. I have two in different sizes. Since I currently do not have a bench vise I have found these work great as an alternative I just use another clampt to clamp them in place. They are also quite handy on the drill press when working with smaller pieces. Like the earring project I recently finished.


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