Poll: Build or Buy?

Homemade Poll
I realized the other day that I needed a new inside strop for my gouges.  As I was about to order a $12.95 one shaped like a slipstone, I stopped and said, “What’s the matter with you?  You’re a woodworker – make one!”  I promptly headed to the shop, shaped a piece of soft maple, and wrapped it in a leather scrap.  Voila!  A gouge strop!  No purchase required, and it went to work as soon as the glue dried – no waiting on delivery.

It’s so easy nowadays, with the cornucopia of woodworking products on the market, to simply open a catalog or click on a website and have the jig or fixture of your dreams shipped straight to your door.  With Amazon, it only takes a single click (DANGER, DANGER!).  On the other hand, all these aids and appliances can rapidly run into a significant amount of money that could (for some people) be better spent on other tools.

So, where do you stand on the Build or Buy spectrum?


2 responses to “Poll: Build or Buy?

  1. I build most jigs and no tools. Maybe I’ll make a plane one day, but it’s way down the list.

  2. I’m gonna have to say. Depends on what it is so to speak. If it’s anything like tools, Well if you can build it cheaper and it functions just as good if not better then a Namebrand. Build it.

    If it’s like furnature, well that depends on how much money you got, how good of a quality it will be and weather or not the Boss (Wife/Girlfriend) Says I WANT It NOW, You said you would build it but not got around to it, then the Ole Lady takes over, goes to the Store and buys it LOL.

    If it was me. I’d just build Everything that is if my Craftsmanship Skills were that Good to do so!


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