A Battery Crisis Averted

Like many folks, I’ve been using a DeWalt 18V cordless drill for the past few years.  Though heavy, it’s been a real workhorse in the shop and around the house.  Yesterday, I dropped one of the batteries in the charger and got a fast-blinking red light – bad battery.  I took the other spare and tried it again – same result.


This presented a problem.  If these two had gone bad then the third, which was of the same vintage, couldn’t be far behind.  And while prices had gone down for these, $40 each for replacements was not an insignificant sum.  Add to this that the drill was getting a bit long in the tooth itself, and a replacement lithium drill started to look like the best option.  Neither option was appealing, as that money had been earmarked for other purposes.  I really had myself set to put a deposit down on one of Mark Harrell’s Bad Axe 12″ Hybrid Dovetail Saws, and didn’t want to have to back-burner it for something as prosaic as a cordless drill or batteries.

However, it didn’t look like I had an option in the matter, so I started my research.  I researched Amazon and other sites for tool reviews, put out feelers on Twitter, and started comparing prices and features.  I had just about resigned myself to a Makita 18V when, on a whim, I remembered a second charger that I had tucked away.  What the heck, I plugged it in and tossed in a battery.  Later, while unloading clothes, I noticed it sitting there with a steady glow from the LED – fully charged!  It was a bad charger instead of a bad battery!  I tried again with the other battery, but no dice.  Hey, that leaves me with two working batteries for now, and I can live with that.

Forget the drill – Bad Axe, here I come!


One response to “A Battery Crisis Averted

  1. Thanks for sharing such a valuable experience. We are many times blind to the alternatives.


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