Shop Cats – The Next Generation

Pregnant Lacie
Waiting for a delivery is always an exercise in patience. This is even more true when the delivery is a birth, since shipment tracking doesn’t seem to work. Lacie, the Calico Shop Cat has been pregnant with her first litter and, judging by the look on her face, it couldn’t come too soon. Always a petite thing, she had swelled to alarming proportions with, we guessed, at least three kittens. Finally, the other night, the blessed event occurred!

Kitten Announcement
And here they are! Not three, but FIVE little bundles of kitty joy. Five – astonishing!  No wonder Lacie moved with all the grace of a hippopotamus on land! There are three dark grey, one light grey, and one yellow. They are descended from the line of the superb mouser, “Ole Momma Cat”, and will have hopefully inherited this trait in spades.

Some of you with basement or garage shops in the city may wonder at the significance of this. However, my country brethren will attest to the importance of good mousers in keeping the local rodents from taking over the shop and installing a junta government. Our quartet of shop cats, all descended from that worthy matriarch, are constantly at work keeping this threat to a minimum.

We won’t be keeping all of these, and this will be Lacie’s only litter. We will, however, keep one female to ensure that the bloodline continues, and the rodent menace is kept at bay. What’s a country shop without shop cats?


2 responses to “Shop Cats – The Next Generation

  1. Awww, sweet! By the way, it’s not just rural regions that get mice infestations. We’ve had a number of them in our suburban house. And let me tell you, dogs do NOT make good mousers.

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