Reluctant Mister Mom

If it seems like my posts have dropped off and no new woodworking has been forthcoming, you’re right.  Life has a way of taking unexpected turns in the middle of a long straightaway.  A few weeks back, I announced the birth of our latest generation of shop cats.  The mother, Lacie the Calico Shop Cat, and babies were all doing well, and we were looking forward to another routine litter to scurry around under foot.

Then, that unexpected turn happened.  When the kittens were two weeks old, Lacie came up missing.  I don’t think it was abandonment, since she had been a very attentive mother up to that point.  I think it was more likely that something got her.  This is, after all, the country.

Suddenly, I was thrust into the role of mother to these quintuplets.  Bottle feedings and keeping things tidy suddenly took over my life.  Even with my wife’s help, it rapidly became a full-time second job.  I never realized how tough mama cats had it!

Now, however, the tide is turning.  The babies are taking more and more solid food, and complete weaning is on the horizon.  They still make the most ungodly racket every time I open my mouth (they think I’m calling them to dinner), but now my major task is cleaning them up where they face-plant in the food bowl.  I may actually get some shop time soon!  In the hopes of that, I’ve ordered the necessary parts and materials to make a pair of 1/4″ grooving planes, and posts on that will start coming in the very near future.

That is, if I can keep the little rascals out from under foot long enough to get something done.


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