Woodworking Hazards – Cat Foot

As some of you recall, Lacie, the Calico Shop Cat had five kittens a few weeks back.  Two weeks later, she went missing – probably to some predator – and my wife and I took over the duties of raising the kittens.  Bottle feedings became a fact of life, and for a time totally changed our patterns of activity.  Despite this, the kittens have flourished and are becoming an integral part of shop life.  They also now think that I’m their mother.  I’m 6’4″ and 260lb.  Picture that.

Being their mother, the kittens have followed me everywhere I went.  This was cute, but often inconvenient, as they are constantly under foot (literally).  They would often group together in a fuzzy ball for warmth and comfort.  This was a cute sight, until you’re standing at the bench and look down to see:

5 Cat Foot
What’s a mother to do?  Work basically ground to a standstill during these moments.  Fortunately, they’ve gotten a little more independent as they’ve gotten older, and now they range all over.  However, they still like to climb on my feet and attack my shoestrings or try to climb my leg.  The latter wouldn’t be so bad in winter, but summer, in shorts?  Ow!


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