Outdoor Morris Chair 1 – Ready to Begin

Morris Chair 1

It’s summertime, and attention turns to the outdoors and, naturally, outdoor projects.  Our back porch seating has been a quartet of rather sad looking wrought iron patio chairs – not exactly befitting the home of a woodworker.  So, when I stumbled across this All-Weather Morris Chair by Popular Woodworking, I knew the time had come for an upgrade.

Of course, I can’t leave any set of plans alone, so I immediately set about changing things a bit.  The first change was the choice of materials.  While the plans implied common pine, I decided to go with a select grade instead.  Yes, this raised the price considerably ($146), but it obliterated the problems often associated with knots in pine.  I’ve never been fond of the way they do under paint, even when sealed with shellac.  The other changes?  We’ll get to them as the project progresses.

As you can see, no knots in sight, and a very nice grade of wood.  Of course, this took quite a bit of sorting and picking at the box store to get what I wanted.  I wasn’t going to settle for less than ideal, especially at this price, and the process took quite a while.  As I was unloading in the shop I kept saying to myself, “This is all you get for $150?  I’m not even working up a sweat unloading!”  Yes, prices went up while I wasn’t looking.  I hate to think how much I’d pay for this much curly maple in Mississippi.

Now, to sticker this and let it acclimate while I finish up the Krenov smooth plane.  We’ll be back to this in the near future.


2 responses to “Outdoor Morris Chair 1 – Ready to Begin

  1. I am very curious to see the outdoor summer chair.


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