Hand Plane Survey – Crosspin or Dowel?

Smoothing Plane Pin

During the construction of the Krenov-style smooth plane, I raised the question of crosspin style.  While I made mine with the traditional D-shaped crosspin design, many planes are made with a simple dowel instead.  I had wondered if the dowel worked as well as a D-shaped crosspin, and had solicited comments on the subject.  My biggest concern was whether the dowel would retain the wedge as well as a traditional crosspin.  I thought this was deserving of expansion into a full-blown survey.  So, what do you think?


One response to “Hand Plane Survey – Crosspin or Dowel?

  1. This has been a great series Robert, thanks for sharing it. I’ve got the Hock smoother kit eagerly awaiting me…so I’ll be curious to see what the outcome of this survey is. A while back I was asking questions like this and I got the impression that D style was preferred by most people, but then again, I’m not sure if anyone had used a round dowel. 🙂

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