Fountain Pen Filler

Project inspiration can come from the strangest sources.  I have always enjoyed fountain pens, and have recently revisited their use with the advent of new waterproof inks.  Using some of these inks requires a pen that can use bottled ink through one of several different mechanisms.  The problem can be getting the ink from the bottle to the pen.  Some bottles are relatively short, but my favorite brand, Noodler’s, comes in a tall bottle that makes it difficult to reach more than halfway down with your pen.  After reading several suggestions on how to deal with this, I was struck with an inspiration:

Pen Filler

I believe this is one of the simplest problem solutions I have come up with to date.  The green funnel is a florist’s water reservoir that has been cut down about 30% to allow the pen to reach nearly to the bottom.  This is filled about halfway with ink using a dropper, and then inserted in a hole drilled in a block of wood. This frees both hands to hold the pen, doesn’t require a lot of ink since the pen occupies most of the space, and helps keep you from ramming the delicate nib into the bottom of a glass bottle.  After use, the ink can be returned to the bottle, and the funnel rinsed clean.

This block could, of course, be a simple offcut from beneath the chop saw.  However, being a turner, I grabbed an unidentified piece from an exotic wood grab bag, and turned a quick shape on the lathe.  A coat of friction polish, and it was ready to go.  The reservoir’s stem is tapered slightly, so drill all the way through the base, and use a twisting motion of the stem to ream the hole to shape.   When it fits, cut off the excess extending out the bottom.

Simple, but effective.  Happy writing!


2 responses to “Fountain Pen Filler

  1. Really good idea.. simple and cheap… well done.

  2. From little things, big things grow! Fantastic idea! Patent and market it – I’ll buy one!

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