Fabric Push Stick – Brownie Points!

One of the high points of woodworking for me occurs when my wife comes up to me and asks, “When you get time, can you make me a …”.  That happened to me this week.  When I came into the house from the shop, my wife asked me if I could make a “fabric pusher” for her to use at the sewing machine.  We guys love it when this happens.  After a few minutes conceptualizing an item I had never seen, I sprang into action.  Dashing to the shop, I quickly ripped a few 7/8″ turning squares from hickory offcuts from the Krenov sawbents.  Then, I headed to the lathe, dragging her along with me.  This was a no-brainer project for a turner, but I needed her input on shaping.  After a few minutes of collaboration, the object was finished.

Fabric Pusher

“That’s it?” you ask.  Yep.  It’s a simple teardrop-shaped piece of wood that she uses to guide fabric through the sewing machine, as shown below.  It’s especially handy for ruffles and other complicated folded fabric.  It has a simple rounded tip, but she says she may want more later with different tip shapes.  No problem!

Fabric Pusher 2

I believe these are available through some of the specialty sewing supplies, but when your husband’s a woodturner, why bother?  Besides, a hickory offcut plus a few minutes at the lathe nets a pile of brownie points for me!

After using it for a bit, my wife thinks that the shaft may be a bit thick, and she may want something with more of a teardrop taper.  That’s OK, I left a stack of 7/8″ square hickory by the lathe, just in case.

You can never have too many brownie points.


2 responses to “Fabric Push Stick – Brownie Points!

  1. Nice work… Though now I feel bad for not getting to that silverware drawer divider.

  2. That’s so simple yet innovative C:
    may i know if i can get it nearby in shops?

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