Frame Tuning Tip

Any time you make a frame-and-panel assembly, and especially with hand tools joinery, some of your joints will be a bit out of line.  It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – it happens to all of us.  The trick is to be able to make corrections for the irregularities with a minimum of effort.  The best time to do this is before your final glue-up, and this is the technique I use:

Frame Tuning Tip 1

Dry assemble the frame, and look for any places where the joint is out of line.  When you find one, use a pencil to mark along the edge of the adjoining piece.

Frame Tuning Tip 2

This will give you a guide line to show you the material that needs to be removed.   Take a hand plane and plane down to the bottom of the pencil line, feathering the cut in from what is the left-hand edge in the above photo for a smooth transition.  As you get close, stop and make at least one test fit to double check – it’s easy to overshoot.  Once you’ve planed to the bottom of the line, the joint should be a near-perfect fit.

Give it a try!


One response to “Frame Tuning Tip

  1. Hey! Thanks for the tip. Ingenious!

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